Tasting Whisky for Beginners – 16-Year-Old Lagavulin (Episode 280)

We begin this series of tasting whisky for beginners’ videos with a brief introduction to the world of Scottish Single Malt Whiskies.

We explain the distinctive styles of malt whisky available from the various regions of Scotland.

The main regions we discuss are: –

The Lowlands Region

The Islay Region

The Highlands Region

The Speyside Region

We start with tasting a malt from the Islay region, which is not to everybody’s taste when they start their whisky tasting journey.

We don’t like to make it easy for ourselves:-)

Chapter Times

0:00 Introduction

1:27 How do you find a Malt you are going to like?

2:01 The Four Main Malt Regions

3:15 The Lagavulin

3:47 Smelling

4:56 What is cask strength?

6:02 Tasting

6:50 Speyside

7:15 Lagavulin and Islay Whisky

10:35 Should I add water or ice?

11:27 Malts from different regions have distinctive characteristics

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