How do you preserve a bottle of wine once you’ve opened it? (Episode 264)

Do you want to know how to preserve wine to prevent it from deteriorating once you have opened the bottle?  

Well, this episode has the answers for you.  

One of the great ways of being able to taste the subtle differences in wine is to be able to taste several wines back-to-back.  

So, for example, you may fancy tasting a Cabernet Sauvignon from a certain region in the world.

You may wish to try 3 or 4 bottles from that region but produced by different vineyards.  

Unless you have some friends that also want to taste those wines to compare them, you are left with the distressing thought that you will end up wasting a good deal of the wine because it will go off before you can drink it all.  

Alternatively, you may like red wine and your partner may like white or vice versa.  

This forces you to both to end up having to compromise on drinking a wine that your partner likes rather than you and then vice versa.  

Well, there is a way of preserving the wine for several weeks after you have opened a bottle, if not for months and what’s more for a comparatively small cost of only £0.20 (20 pence or 16 US cents)!  

In this episode, we talk to Alex Longman from WineSave Pro about all things “wine preserve”!  

We discuss the several types of wine preservers on the market today, for personal and professional use.  

Alex explains those that do work and those that do not, as well as going over the pros and cons of those systems that do work.

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