Tesco’s Finest Malbec (Episode 243)

In this episode, we taste Tesco’s Own Finest Range Argentinian Malbec.

To look at, this wine is a very deep garnet colour with John M seeing purple on the rim of the wine!

On the nose or to smell, the initial smell of plum and then onto blackcurrant.

Taste-wise the taste is remarkably like the nose and is genuinely nice.

The length could be longer however for the price this wine is good value.



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Review of Santa Julia Malbec Wine (Episode 240)

In this episode, we taste a Malbec from Argentina – Santa Julia Malbec.

A full-on scent or nose which resembles a Pinot Noir. John M managed to smell a rubber smell just like car tyres.

Taste-wise black cherries came through, it is very juicy and a nice texture.

The tannins are nicely balanced with the end taste being a bit more of an earthy taste with a hint of fresh pipe tobacco.

A great Malbec to try.




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Tasting Monte Sao Sebastiao (Episode 239)

In this episode, we taste another great wine kindly sent to us by Lusus.

This wine, Monte Sao Sebastiao, looks great, smells great and tastes great!

John L for strange reason smells nuts on the nose!?

However, everyone else is more likely to get a doughy champagne type of smell with some apple fruit as well!

The note is not as dry as Champagne, but more rounded.

We reckon if you like Chablis you will love this wine and for the price is likely to be less than you would pay for a Chablis of this standard.

This is one of those special wines for a special occasion!

So special in fact John L gave it the highest score he has given a white wine so far in 2020!

The Wine is made from Rabigato and Gouveio grapes grown on old vines.

The wine has been aged in French Oak barrels for 6 months to achieve these perfectly balanced flavours.


You can find this wine at –

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Barefoot Pinot Grigio Review (Episode 238)

We taste and review one of the wines from one of the worlds biggest wine brands. We taste a Pinot Grigio from their range.

How will this very popular wine sold around the world hold up?

On the nose, it had a very prominent nose and John M felt the nose was more in keeping with the old classical style of Pinot Grigio.

Taste-wise the wine did not disappoint, tropical fruits including pineapple and reasonably complex.

Full of taste and very good value.


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Tintaboa White Wine from Lusus (Epsidoe 236)

In this episode, we taste another wine from the Quinta Da Casa vineyard just north of Portugal, kindly sent to us by Lusus Wines ( ).

This wine is a great red wine made of 70% Merlot and 30% Touriga Nacional and is, we feel for ideal for a summers day!

More details of the wine can be found on Lusus Wines website as above and the vineyard’s website at: –



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Aldi’s Signargues Cotes du Rhone Village (Episode 235)

In this episode, we taste a great Cotes du Rhone Village, kindly sent to us by Aldi.

So a wine that is from an internationally renown wine region.

It has a great nose (aroma) with John M even detecting rubber!

At £6.99 this a terrific bargain and if Aldi gets it back in stock give it a go and we are sure if you like Cotes du Rhone you will like this.


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Aldi’s Lyme Bay Block Rosé (Episode 234)

In this episode, we taste an English Rosé kindly sent to us by Aldi.

The Rosé supplied is the Lyme Bay Block Rose from their vineyard in Devon.

This Rosé is of course ideal for drinking in the garden or when out on a picnic. A delicate scent, a beautiful colour and it really delivers on the taste.

Lovely mouthfeel, good length, great balanced acidity, and a reasonable amount of length for a Rosé.


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Qunita da Casa Boa Red Wine (Episode 233)

This wine was sent to us by Lusus wines ( ) to try.

It’s predominant grape (70%) is Merlot combined with Touriga National (30%).

The nose (aroma/bouquet) was really interesting and smelt a little like Pinot Noir.

A really great wine, lighter in style than the previous wine tasted from Lusus.

Perhaps though, more suitable for the summer months?




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Tasting Jam Shed Shiraz Wine (Episode 232) 1

We taste a Red Wine recommended by a viewer, Ian Stirling, as being a great wine if you enjoy that “Jammy” taste in wine.

We have tasted another wine previously, Jammy Roo, ( ) which was a great Jammy experience, and therefore we were comparing Jam Shed quite a lot.

Probably a great wine to start off your Red Wine journey if you want to get into red wines and are struggling to find one you like.   

John M lists off some great cheeses to pair with this wine if you would like to experiment with some combination of tastes.




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Aldi’s Pinot Gris Pierre Jaurant Wine Review (episode 231)

We taste a great Pinot Gris available from the Supermarket Aldi.

Even though the wine was produced in France it really reminded John L of Italian Pinot Grigio which is also made from Pinot Gris grapes, even though he didn’t remember this at the time of filming!

This wine, at £5.49, is fantastic value for a great Pinot Gris.

This would be a great wine to match a lot of Italian dishes even if it is a French wine, as well as seafood and sushi!


If you like Pinot Grigio you must try this!

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