Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (Episode 242)

In this episode, we taste one of the big names in the global wine industry and one of the best-known Sauvignon in the world from one of the best know Sauvignon Blanc areas in the world – Marlborough New Zealand – Oyster Bay!

This video was prompted by a friend who can only drink this Sauvignon Blanc as every other Sauvignon Blanc she tried gave her indigestion but, not Oyster Bay.

So, we thought we would find out just how smooth it was!

A great scent or nose with John M even smelling elderflower.

The taste is stereotypically Sauvignon Blanc. Delicious citrus flavour with some lychee flavour coming through with nice soft acidity.

At around £8.00 in the UK, this is a terrific value wine, if you like Sauvignon, you will like this!




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