Pinot Blanc

Vin D’Alsace Kuhlmann Platz Pinot Blanc (Episode 247)

In this video, we try some Pinot Blanc, a wine produced from grapes that are a mutation of Pinot Noir grapes.

This particular wine Vin D’Alsace Kuhlmann Platz Pinot blanc is available in the UK from Majestics for £12.99

The wine is a beautiful honeyed gold, and, on the nose, it has a noticeably light floral smell.

We could both smell sweeties but were not sure which sweeties!

On tasting, the wine almost felt creamy, very rounded and the floral scent could also be tasted.

A very classy wine with a great length for white wine. An excellent wine to try especially if you are just being your wine journey.



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