Watertons Distillery Interview with Dave Owens (Episode 159 Part 1)

In this episode, we talk to Dave Owens the distiller at Watertons Distillery based near Wakefield in West Yorkshire.

Dave tell us about Charles Waterton a pioneer in conservationist – the 18th Century’s David Bellamy, who even Charles Darwin took inspiration from! Given that Charles Waterton was one of the most famous historical figures in the area and Dave’s admiration for the pioneering conservationist he decided to name his Gin after this great historical figure.

Dave explains how he developed Waterton’s four gins in their portfolio and we taste each of them as Dave explains the flavour profile in each of the gins.

These gins are: –

Classic Dry


Yorkshire Rhubarb

Rose & Raspberry

What a great guys and what wonderful gin.


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