Black Feteasca

Tasting a wine made from 5 Noble grapes!

In this part of the episode, we take a look at a wine from Romania that is a blend of 5 “Noble” grapes.

Wow were we impressed!

This wine was delicious – you could almost chew it.

The notes translated by Google on the back of the label read:-

Cabernet Sauvignon is King, with it’s imposing presence, driving bold tannins and a spicy note.

Pinot Noir is the Queen, with it’s beautiful bouquet of berries and soft tannins, velvety.

Merlot Prince elderly is well-defined structure and long finish and pleasant.

Shiraz is young with lively aroma of blackcurrants and pepper.

The Black Feteasca Princess, charismatic, elegant and delicate.

This blend was aged in Romanian and French oak barrels  to become a truly noble and harmonious wine.

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