What to ask in a Wine Bar (Episode 347)

In this episode, I interview Sam Winterbottom who has just opened a new wine bar in my local town/village.

I talk to Sam about where and why he started his journey in wine, as well as what made him start a new business in the middle of a pandemic.

Sam gives some sage advice on how to get the best out of your local wine bar and the sort of questions you should ask to help you find the wines you will love!

0:00 Introduction
O:53 What got Sam into the Wine Industry?
1:46 What moved Sam to open a Wine Bar in the middle of a Pandemic?
2:23 What do you do when you walk into a Wine Bar?
3:43 How do you move from Red Wine to White Wine?
5:25 Back-to-back tasting at home
5:48 Cask Cafe and Bar

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