Yellow Tail Merlot Wine Review (Episode 184)

In this video, we taste a Yellow Tail Merlot. This wine is available around the world is grown and produced in Australia. the winery is still run by the same family that started the business back in the 1950’s having emigrated from Sicily.

Priced at around £7.00 in UK supermarkets, it will be acceptable to most peoples pockets.

You must excuse John L’s schoolboy humour in this video but what is wine about if it is not about enjoyment!

This wine is ideal for those looking to add red wines to their list of wines to drink.

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Albret La Vino de mi Madre Wine Review (Episode 183)

In this episode, we taste a fantastic 2013 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Spain.

The rough translation of the wines’ name is My Mother’s Wine.

It has a great rich colour, a great nose (smell) and then when tasted massive dark fruit flavours followed by the taste of lighter red fruits.

A great wine if you are interested in starting to try to identify more than one flavour from your wine.

Available from Czerwik’s at: –

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Priorat Wine (Episode157)

In this episode, we taste a Priorat from Catalunya in Spain.

This wine is a blend of Garnacha, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mazuela and Syrah and, given it’s alcohol by volume of 14.5%, it has a very light taste making it very interesting and easy to drink. Perhaps too easy!

The wine is Sainsbury’s own “Taste the Difference” brand and was available at the time of publishing for £12.00


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Asda Moneda Chilean Merlot (Episode 147)

In this episode, we taste a Chilean Merlot available from Asda at £5.00 per bottle.

This wine is really fruity, low on tannin – really tasty!

The only downside with this wine is that it does not have much length, but for this price, there is no way one can complain!




Merlot Episode 147

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Tasting a Asda La Moneda Merlot (Episode 90 Part 4)

When buying the Malbec suggested by Norrie in Part 1 of this episode I also purchased a Merlot with the same from the same winemaker, La Moneda in Chile.

So why not taste it?….

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Tasting a Asda Merlot recommended by viewers (Episode 90 Part 2)

In this part of the episode, we taste a Merlot recommended by Jeremy and Rebecca. The wine, available from Asda, is produced in California. What did the two Johns think of it?


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Tasting Viewers Recommendations (Episode 90 Introduction)

We introduce this episode where we taste some wines suggested by our viewers.

The wines tasted are Malbec, Merlot and Fetească neagră.

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Blind Tasting a Californian Red (Episode 64)

In this episode, John blind tastes a blended red wine from California, will he be able to taste what grapes are in the wine and what country the wine was made?

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Tasting a Wente Merlot from San Francisco Bay (Episode 58 Part 1)

The first Red wine we try from the Wente stable is their Merlot.

John thought the nose was delightful, but what did he think of the taste, take a look at the video to find out if you haven’t already.



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