54. Episode #15 Part 3 White Wine & Cheese Pairing – Unoaked Chardonnay and Motagnolo Cheese

In this wine tasting Episode John pairs a cheese with a Italian sounding name, Montagnolo, which is made in Bavaria, Germany with a Unoaked Chardonnay from New Zealand – what are the results?!

#15 Part 3 Chardonnay

This wine and cheese is available from

22. Episode #8 Part 3 Chardonnays – Chablis


In the final Chardonnay tasting in this Episode we taste what some considered as the King of Chardonnays – Chablis. do we think it is worth the extra dosh take a look at the video to find out.


In case you want to try the Chablis along with us as we taste it on the video here is the particular Chablis we were tasting.





If you do taste along let us know your thoughts on the wine and whether you feel we gave the wine a fair out!