Aged Matsu Kaoliang Liquor (Episode 217)

We have some great viewers, two of whom are Herya and his better half Nicole who recently visited London for their New Year break and took the opportunity to bring across from Taiwan a bottle of a special spirit produced in a little island just of the coast of Taiwan.

The name of the spirit is called Aged Matsu Kaoliang Liquor and is made for local consumption only, it is not available anywhere else in the world.

The spirit is distilled from a vegetable called Sorghum and we imagined that was the very distinct and unique taste produced in the spirit when we tasted it.

On the nose, it smelt very grappa “esk” or like schnapps would smell.

The taste does change as you hold the spirit in your mouth.

Whilst this liquor is 47% it is very smooth and does not burn on the nose or pallet.



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