Tasting Theakston’s Lightfoot Beer (Episode 51)

In this episode, we divert from tasting Wine to tasting an English beer from Theakstons based in the town of Masham in North Yorkshire established over 189 years ago. So with such a great name, Lightfoot, we have great expectations.

Will this beer stand up to these high expectations? – take a look and see.

The Lightfoot beer originates from a brewery in the same town as Theakstons that was acquired by Theakstons 1919, reputedly because they had a better cricket team than Theakstons!

Theaksons describe the beer as a “very pale, golden coloured ale brewed using English malted barley and wheat, European hops, water from the Yorkshire Dales and the famous Theakston yeast strain to create a “continental blonde” style, flavour and aroma.”

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