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1000 Stories Zinfandel (Episode 160)

In this episode, we taste a great Zinfandel, perhaps the best wine we have tasted this year!

To begin with, it smells wonderful a great start to the tasting.

A full on taste of cherries and blackcurrant and so light on the tannins – extremely well balanced. A really lush wine, although unfortunately, they have already sold out of this particular example – it must have been good!

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Ribera del Duero Tempranillo (Episode 149)

We taste a wine, Condado De Haza made from the Tempranillo grape from the Riber del Duero Region of Spain. Just south of the Rioja region which also uses a lot of Tempranillo in the creation of it’s world famous wines.

There are of course a lot of similarities between this wine and the wines from Rioja, which would make it difficult for the beginner to discern the difference.

It is a great wine and well worth a try, available from Sainsburys at £15.00 per bottle as well as other retailers.



Temperino small

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Tasting Quetzal Wine from Mexico (Episode 107 Part 3)

In the last trio of wines we try in this episode we taste a wine made from a grape we are very familiar with but not from a country we associate wine production with.

The tannins are pretty big with this wine, but that is likely, of course, to match well with spicy Mexican food.


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Pisano Tannat Wine from Uruguay #106 Part 2

In this part of the episode, we taste an unusual wine this time from Uruguay.

The grape (Tannat) originates from South West France so let’s see how it fairs when grown in Uruguay.

On the nose, rhubarb, together with strawberries and cream were detected.

On the palate, it was much more balanced than the Brazilian Teroldego we tried in part 1.

John felt this was a crossover in taste between a Rioja and a Cabernet Sauvignon.


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Tasting a M&S Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand (Episode 93 Part 1)

In the first part of this episode where we taste Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand, we taste Silver Frond from Marks and Spencer. The wine is very reasonably priced at £6.00, but what did we think of the taste – take a look to find out!




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Tasting a Marks & Spencer Malbec (Episode 84 Part 1)

The first Malbec we try is a South African Malbec – The Weather Station from Marks and Spencer.

We were both a little disappointed with this one, perhaps because we both always ex[ect that much more from M&S?


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Tasting a M&S Sauvignon Cabernet (Episode 83 Part 2)

In the 2nd part of this episode, we taste a Cabernet Sauvignon offering from Marks and Spencer.

Perhaps unfairly, we always have a higher expectation when tasting an M&S wine and unfortunately, on this occasion, the wine didn’t live up to our expectations – take a look at the video to see why…

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Tasting Pinotage from Sainsburys, Tescos and M&S (Episode 82 Introduction)

We taste a Sainsburys, Tesco and M&S Pinotage Wine.
Take a look to see what you think.

Pinotage is South Africa’s signature grape.

The grape was created back in 1925 when the scientist Abraham Perold tried to find a way of creating a Pinot Noir that would grow successfully in South Africa.

He crossed a Pinot Noir and a Cinsaut (also know as a Hermitage) to produce a wine that has more of a resemblance to Shiraz than Pinot Noir.



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Tasting a Marks & Spencer’s Pinot Noir (Episode 81 Part 2)

In part 2 of this episode we taste a Marks and Spencer’s Pinot Noir, so how will it compare with the Tesco Pinot Noir?

First off it smelt like John would expect a Pinot Noir to smell like compared to the Tesco version tasted in part 1 of this episode. John also felt it was more complex than the first, but he enjoyed the Tesco version more……

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