Wines Tasted in Episodes 4

Episode 4


In Episode 4 we started to try to help you determine which type of red wine suits you best.

We kicked off with three well known grape varieties:-



Cabernet Sauvignon

The particular wines we tried were:-

#4 Merlot C

Meinert 2010 Merlot

#4 Shariz e

Deakin Estate Shiraz 2010

#4 Cabernet Sauvignon

Gran Haciena 2013 – Canernet Sauvignon


If you would like to buy these three wines to taste along with the video either pop into your local wine shop or you can order by post from www.czerwiks.co.uk just drop us a line and we will get back to you with a link to order.


Let us have you feedback as to what you managed to taste in each of the wines and any queries you may following your tasting.

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