Sauvignon Blanc

Using Local Wine Shop in Lockdown (Episode 225)

In this episode, given we are in Lockdown here in the UK John and I discuss how his shop in Brighouse is adapting to meet the challenge of keeping afloat in these turbulent times of the Corona Virus.

If you want to try some of John’s wines or get some recommendations from him make a comment below or drop us an email

We do, of course also take the opportunity to taste a couple of wines!

John M tastes a Pinot Noir that is available from his shop for £10.99 and John L tastes a Sauvignon Blanc which was available from Naked wines for £9.99.

We hope you are all keeping safe!


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Aldi Australian Shiraz – Revisited (Episode 206 – Part 1)

Shiraz is the signature grape for Australia, so we are expecting great things.

This particular Australian Shiraz is from Aldi’s own Exquisite range and costs at the time of writing £5.70p.

John M managed to smell Cherry, eucalyptus, chocolate and coffee on the nose while John M only managed to smell cherry!

John M, however, was not able to get anything but the cherry on the taste and so was left slightly disappointed.

He, was, however, impressed by the balance of tannins in this wine.

John L felt this wine would be a good introduction to Shiraz for those that did not like their reds too powerful.


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Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Sauvignon Blanc Wine (Episode 128 Part 1)

In this episode, we taste some wines that are served on Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy and Upper-Class cabins.

We start off in this part of the episode, by tasting a Sauvignon
Blanc served in the Premium Economy Cabin.

We discuss the issue of reduced taste when flying at 30,000+ feet and discuss what this wine would have paired well with on the
Premium Economy menu.

A big shout out to Ali and Saleem for giving us the bottle to taste!

Thanks Guys!

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Tasting a Asda Sancerre (Episode 95 Part 3)

In last part of this episode, we taste a Sancerre available from Asda for £12.68 in the UK.

Again does this wine live up to the expectations created by that fantastic “brand” of Sancerre?


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Tasting a Charles Dupuy Sancerre (Episode 95 Part 1)

In the first part of this Episode we taste our first of three Sancerres, supposedly the best Sauvignon Wines in the world!

In this episode, we taste John’s favourite Sancerre and then compare the other two to this benchmark.

So what tastes did we get out of this particular Sancerre?



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Tasting a Les Caillottes Sancerre (Episode 95 Part 2)

The second part of our episode tasting Sancerre we try a bottle of Les Caillottes Sancerre which is available from Sainsburys in the UK.

Will it prove to be as being special as its pedigree suggests it should?



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Tasting a Helderberg Winery – Sauvignon Blanc (Episode 94 Part 3)

In the last part of this Episode where we are tasting Sauvignon Blancs from South Africa, we taste a wine produced by Helderberg Winery available from M&S in the UK.

The taste of this wine was a delicious example of a Sauvignon Blanc and could certainly be drunk on it’s own,

We gave this one a great score of 80!


This wine nudged the quality we experienced in the Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand which can be found at: –


Part 1 : –

Part 2:-

Part 3: –

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Tasting Porcupine Ridge, South African Sauvignon Blanc (Episode 94 Part 2)

In the 2nd part of this episode, where we are tasting South African Sauvignon.

In this part, we taste a Porcupine Ridge Sauvignon Blanc, which is available at several retail outlets in the UK including Sainsburys

This Sauvignon Blanc smelt (had the nose – if you prefer) more like you would expect a Sauvignon Blanc to smell and indeed the taste was more what John would expect from Sauvignon Blanc.

In fact, this wine was good enough to just enjoy it on its own without food.



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Southern Point – South African Sauvignon Blanc (Episode 94 Part 1)

In the first part of this episode, we taste our first South African Sauvignon Blanc which is available from Asda.

We felt the wine was value for money and gave it a score of 65.

Well worth trying if you see it on a shop shelf and fancy seeing if you score it.


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Introduction to South African Sauvignon Blancs (Episode 94 Introduction)

In this mini-series of tasting Sauvignon Blancs from around the world, we taste three from South Africa.

In particular, we taste Sauvignon Blancs from the following labels –
Southern Point, Porcupine Ridge and Helderberg Winery


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