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Masham Masla Chia Gin (Episode 185 Part 2)


In this episode, John and I taste another fantastic gin from the Spirit of Masham Distillery. This time we taste the first gin ever developed by them, their Masala Chia Gin. This gin really is unique and separates itself from the rest of the market because of it’s unique flavour profile.

It’s tastes are soft and rounded even though it is 42% ABV meaning it can easily be enjoyed neat with maybe a chunk or two of ice.

If you are looking for something different this is the gin to try.

In the video we cover the flavours that we can uncover, but can you detect any others – let us know via the comments box or via email.

For more information on the distillery, this gin and all of it’s other products go to

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Masham Classic Gin Review (Episode 185 Part 1)

Following on from John L’s visit to Masham Gin distillery and his interview with Derek, the two Johns settle down in the cellar to taste the Masham Gin’s Classic Gin.

This is a very smooth and subtly different from other craft gins we have tasted – what can we say, a brilliant gin.

With tonic added the drink has a wonderful effect of you first tasting the tonic and then the gin taste follows on later almost as if you have sipped two separate drinks one after the other.


Details of Masham Distillery can be found at: –

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Introduction to Divine Gin Episode (Episode 127)

We are really excited to share this episode with you as we revisit Divine Gine albeit in their new premises.

This first part we talk a little about divine’s journey since we last visited them.

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Tasting Beefeater Gin (Episode 110 Part 3)

In the last part of this episode, we taste Beefeater which has more awards worldwide than any other gin.

A slightly different mouthfeel to this gin than the two Gordon’s we have previously tried in this episode.

Perhaps not surprisingly, for such a successful gin, Beefeater Gin taste has a good deal of complexity.

The addition of tonic water, if everything, helps the flavours flourish





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Mallinsons Citra Gin (Episode 118 Part 2)

In this part of the episode, we talk to Tara from Mallinsons Brewing Company and Jacqueline from Jacqson Gin in the midst of Mallinsons Brewery about how they got to together to create a fantastic new Gin!
Apart from Junipier the next botanical is a single hoop called Citra which is imported from the USA.

We discuss what process the ladies went through to get their new creation.

Well, well worth trying to get hold of a bottle to try!

To find out more you can take a look at Mallinson’s website or e-mail them at

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Tanqueray Gin Part (Episode 108 Part 4)

In the last part of this episode, we taste another fantastic world-class gin – Tanqueray Gin Export Strength!

The alcohol in this gin is much more prevalent when tasting neat than the previous three gins.

With tonic, however, the alcohol burn disappears and more flavours can then be sensed.

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Cooper King Gin Review (Episode 112)

Following on from our visit to Abbie and Chris’s new distillery last year whilst the distillery was still in construction – take a look by following this link:- – we had the great honour of being present at the official launch of the Copper King Distillery.

John & I taste their gin which has only become available this month.

The Gin lands itself easily in John and my top 3 Gins – not an easy list to get onto let alone get so high!

We also managed to get the opportunity, at the launch event, to get some of the other attendee’s views of this fantastic new gin.


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Tasting Jawbox Gin (Episode 105 Part 1)

In the first part of this episode, we taste Jawbox Gin distilled in Belfast, Northern Ireland. So apologies for stating it was not from the UK – I had understood when making the video it was distilled in the Republic of Ireland, not from Northern Ireland! That will teach me to check the labels more carefully before reviewing!

Jawbox gets its name from the big old boxy Belfast Sinks around which most of the day’s gossip would be discussed!

John believed he could taste mint in this Gin when tasted neat, but thought the taste was more floral once the tonic water was added. However, he could still get a hint of that mint!

A great gin why not give it a shot!

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