Ervideira Vineyard – Interview (Episode 196 Part 3)

In this part of the episode, we visit the Ervideira vineyard and talk to one of the owners who is the vineyard’s winemaker.

He begins by explaining the history of his family’s vineyard – he is one of the fourth generation now running the vineyard.

They have a fantastic range of 25 wines which are all top-flight – they focus on quality rather than volume.

They also have quirky wines such as the 30,000 bottles wines that are stored underwater at a depth of around 30m in Portugal’s and Europes largest lake which, when you compare to exactly the same wine stored above water, taste significantly different.






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Quita Do Carmo from Portugal’s Alentejano Region

What a fantastic start to this Episode!

A great Red from Portugal’s Alentejano region. this wine was sent across by Joao, Miguel and Andre after John and reviewed some other wines from Alentejano (Episode 38).

What a great way to start the episode and the year – a wine with a real punch – in flavour and, at 14.5%, in alcohol content!


2012 Red Wine

Quinta Do Carmo Front Label

#44 Part 1a



I promised in the video to let you know where you could get hold of it in the UK should you wish to try it and I tracked down a company who sell online called Prestige Wines. You can find the page they sell this wine on by following this link ( We have no affiliation to this company so unfortunately cannot vouch for their service levels etc. – Let us know how you get on if you do buy some – be interested in your feedback.)