Sweet White Wine

Muscat Dessert Wine from South Eastern Australia (Episode 53 Part 3)

The last Muscat in this episode, we get to taste is a fantastic example of a Dessert (or Pudding wine) from Yalumba – South Eastern Australia.

Yulumba was established in 1849 so they have a fair amount of time to practice getting it right!

John refers to a slight smoke taste and this might come from the barrels that Yulumba made themselves in their own Cooperage. In fact, Yalumba is the only winery in the Southern Hemisphere to have their own Cooperage.

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This wine is available from http://www.czerwik.co.uk/categories.php?cat=Wine

Muscat from South Africa (Episode 53 Part 2)

In Part 2 of this episode, we taste a South African Muscat wine.

A really different taste from this Pudding wine (or if you prefer Desert Wine) to the wine in Part 1, and wow how intense and lip smacking good was this wine!


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This wine is available from http://www.czerwik.co.uk/categories.php?cat=Wine

Tasting Sweet French White Wine made from Petit Manseng (Episode 39 Part 3)

In the last part of this Episode we taste a Sweet White Wine called Jurancon, made from the Petit Manseng grape. How does this wine compare with the muscadet tasted in Part 1 & 2 from France & Chile respectively?

#39 Part 3

Tasting Sweet White Wine from Chile (Episode 39 Part 2)

In the 2nd part of this Episode, we compare a Chilean Muscadet Sweet White wine with the excellent French Muscadet Sweet Wine tasted in Part 1. It is going to have to go some to match the wine in Part 2 – how does it compare…  

Tasting a Sweet White Muscadet Wine from France (Episode 39 Part 1)

We taste a fantastic sweet little number in Part 1 of this Episode – a Muscadet from France, very reasonably priced and a wonderful flavour. This is the one John L preferred out all three we tasted, what did john M think? Take a look to find out. Oh and btw all of these wines are available from http://www.czerwik.co.uk/categories.php?cat=Wine

#39 Part 1

Sweet White Wine Tasting (Episode 39 Introduction)

Learn all about wine & have fun doing it! In this Episode, we taste three sweet white wines, two from France and one from Chile. What flavours do you expect from a sweet wine and what about that “Cloyingness” you can sometimes get? These three wines are surprisingly different especially when you consider that two are made from the same grape. www.winemastery.co.uk

#39 Introduction