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The Bernard Series – Basket Press Syrah (Episode 194 Part 2)

In the second part of this episode, we taste another Shiraz or Syrah from the Cape of South Africa.

This time we try The Bernard Series Basket Press Syrah.

Compared to the wine we tasted in part one we really enjoyed this one full of flavour, just the right balance of alcohol tannins and fruit – thoroughly recommended!

In terms of price this wine cost £14.25 at the time of writing and is available from Sainsbury’s.



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Stella Organics Star Catcher Shiraz (Episode 194 Part 1)

In this episode, we taste Shiraz wine from South Africa.

In this, the first part of the episode, we taste an organic Shiraz, the Stella Organics Star Catcher.

Grown on the semi-arid landscape of the Western Cape the grapes are subjected to the hot midday sun followed by chilly nights helping to give the wine it’s taste profile.

The wine has a little purple in it’s colour.

On the nose, it smells of Cherries and John M detected some blackcurrant.

On the taste, the blackcurrant was not so obvious but the cherry was still very much there.

John M felt the wine was slightly light which made it “juicy” but not a wine to sit down to and enjoy, more of a wine to enjoy while chatting to friends.


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