Romanian Wine

Wines of Romania (Episode 168)

We talk to Lucian Timofanovici who was helping man the Wines of Romania stand at the 2019 London Wine Fair.

Lucian introduces himself and then goes onto to discuss the Romanian wine.

Lucian explains that Romania is the 5th largest European producer of wine, but only 5% of it is currently exported.

Lucian then goes on to discuss the grapes and wines available from Romania.


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Cabernet Sauvignon Comparisions

In this Episode, we taste Sauvignon Cabernets from California, Chile and Romania.

The purpose of the tasting is to potentially replace one of the Cabernets Czerwiks currently stock.

Will the new contender be good enough to knock one of John’s existing Cabernets off of the shelf?

Take a look and find out!

#46 Introduction
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Tasting Viewers Wines from Portugal & South Africa together with some excellent Romanian samples

In this Episode, the first we have recorded in 2016,  we taste two wines sent in from viewers and two wines from Romania and what a great selection of wines they were too!