Barnardo’s Winery Zinfandel (Episode 126 Part 3)

In the last part of this episode which is based on my visit to Barnardos Winery in San Diego and the wines, I tasted there.

In this part of the episode, we taste a bottle of Zinfandel that Rocco Francica so very kindly purchased as a gift for me to bring back to good old Blighty so John and I could taste together – our sincere thanks, Rocco.

This wine certainly did not disappoint a great powerful nose that did not disappoint when we tasted it.

A very complex wine with unusual characteristics for a Zinfandel but not in a bad way.

If you ever get the chance pop into the Winery it is well worth the visit.

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Chardonnay from Marks & Spencer (Episode 69 Part 2)

In this part of the episode, we taste a fantastic oaked Chardonnay from California.

It is available from Marks and Spencer and what a fantastic example of an oaked chardonnay it is – with a subtle taste of Beurre Noisette.


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Tasting Chardonnay Wine (Episode 69 Introduction)

We taste three great Chardonnays in this Episode, one from Chile, Argentina and California.

In this season we have changed the format slightly and are tasting wines available in Supermarkets in the UK for those of you who do not have a local independent retailer to visit or get advice from.

We start with a Chardonnay from Sainsburys, Marks and Spencer and Aldi.


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Blind Tasting a Californian Red (Episode 64)

In this episode, John blind tastes a blended red wine from California, will he be able to taste what grapes are in the wine and what country the wine was made?

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Tasting a Wente Sauvignon Blanc from San Francisco Bay (Episode 57 Part 1)

In the first part of this episode. we taste a really interesting Sauvignon Blanc from the Wente Winery in San Francisco Bay California USA.

The name of the wine “Louis Mel” is taken from the name of a French immigrant who helped secure some vine cuttings from a vineyard in the Bordeaux area of France back in the 1880s.

This wine really is one you can enjoy!




Our thanks go to John E Fells & Sons Ltd for sending the wines for us to taste


#57 Part 1

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Tasting wine from San Francisco Bay (Episode #57 Introduction)

We introduce some great white wines from a winemaker in San Francisco California.

In this episode, we taste three great wines from the Wente vineyard, a Sauvignon Blanc, a Chardonnay and a Riesling.

The Wente vineyard has been producing wine for five generations now and based on the wine we tasted they have maintained their passion for wine.


#57 Introduction

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