Herdade Dos Grous – Wine from Portugals Alentejano Region (Episode 213)

In this episode, we taste yet another fantastic Portuguese red wine, I don’t think we have found a bad wine from Portugual in all the wines Portuguese wines we have reviewed so far.

This wine is so well balanced it is really difficult to distinguish one particular fruit or dominate the flavour.


Here is a exert from the vineyard’s website explaining the grape and process the wine undergoes –


Herdade dos Grous Tinto


Grape varieties

Alicante Bouschet (30%)

Syrah (15,5%)

Touriga Nacional (20%)

Aragonez (35%)


The hand-picked grapes are de-stemmed and then cooled down through thermal shock to 10°C.

After two days of cold maceration the wine ferments in small steel tanks.

The maturing takes place in new barrique barrels made from French oak.

Serving We recommend serving this wine with roast beef, chicken curry or spaghetti bolognese.

Ideal serving temperature is 14 to 16°C.


Barrique Barrels in case you are wondering is the name given to a particular shape and capacity of barrel.

A Barrique Barrell has a 225 litre or 59-gallon capacity.

The size, as in many things, is important as the smaller the barrel the more contact the wine has with the wood or oak.

A barrique barrel being much smaller than a hogshead barrel for instance that has a capacity of 300 litres or 79 gallons.


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Introducing our Rose Wine Episode (Episode 52 Introduction)

We quickly introduce this episode on Rose wine from around the world, specifically Portugal, Australia & Spain


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This wine is available from

Quita Do Carmo from Portugal’s Alentejano Region

What a fantastic start to this Episode!

A great Red from Portugal’s Alentejano region. this wine was sent across by Joao, Miguel and Andre after John and reviewed some other wines from Alentejano (Episode 38).

What a great way to start the episode and the year – a wine with a real punch – in flavour and, at 14.5%, in alcohol content!


2012 Red Wine

Quinta Do Carmo Front Label

#44 Part 1a



I promised in the video to let you know where you could get hold of it in the UK should you wish to try it and I tracked down a company who sell online called Prestige Wines. You can find the page they sell this wine on by following this link ( We have no affiliation to this company so unfortunately cannot vouch for their service levels etc. – Let us know how you get on if you do buy some – be interested in your feedback.)