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WineGB Press Tasting Day (Episode 195)

This episode is completely different from our normal format.
In this episode, we summarise some of the facts and figures that we gathered at WineGB (The English and Welsh Winegrowers Trade Association) Trade and Press Event earlier in 2019 about English and Welsh Wine.

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Elizabeth Rose Wines Interview (Episode 188 Part 1)

We interview Sara and Becky about their exciting new venture of promoting and selling English and Welsh wine online.

Sara and Becky, explain what their current careers are and how they came up with the idea of setting up this new company.

Becky explains the difference between British Wine and English and Welsh wine.

We discuss the flexibility of their new offering including not having to buy a case of each wine that you fancy trying.

The site will also guide you through the many grapes used in England and Wales for winemaking. Names you are probably not familiar with. The site will allow you to determine which wines you may warm to based on the type of wine you currently drink.




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Wines of Great Britain (GB Wine) Episode 179

In this video, we learn all about English and Welsh wines from two experts; –
Julia Trustram Eve, Marketing Director of Wine GB (The British Wine Producers Trade Association)
Martin Fowkes, winemaking Director of Three Choirs Vinyard talk about how English and Welsh Wine is a fast developing industry with the help of passionate growers and some warmer weather.
Also, the change in the consumer’s tastes is also helping with the great British public now preferring lighter wines with slightly more fruit-driven styles.
We discuss the fantastic high-quality sparkling wines now being produced in England and how sparkling is now being produced all over the county.
We discuss the millions of vines being planted in Britain each year with no sign of abatement.


To find out more about GB Wine take a look at their website:-

GB Wine


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