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3 Choirs Red Wine in a Can (Episode 190 – Part 4)

In the last part of this episode, we taste Three Choir’s Red Wine in a Can.


The wine looks wonderful when it comes out of the tin and into a bottle.
For a wine that is in a can, it has a sophisticated and lovely nose!
Full of fruit and jammy on the taste.
We drank this wine at room temperature but felt if it was a hot summers day it might take a slight chill.

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Three Choirs Rose Wine in a Can (Episode 190 – Part 3)

In this the third part of the episode, we taste Three Choirs Rose in a can.

It has the smell of Toffee or, Tablet, for those of you that know that delicious Scottish treat!

This was John’s favourite of the first three wines in a can.

A very nice taste the description for which escaped us try as we may!

This was a great wine and well worth recommending to take with you to an event or garden party.



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3 Choirs Dry White in a Can (Episode 190 – Part 2)

In the second part of this episode, we taste a can of their Dry White wine.

On the nose, the wine smells similar to Sauvignon blanc, with John M detecting pears and pear drops.

When drinking it had pineapple/tropical fruits flavours or notes as they would say in the wine world.

It was very smooth and round such great quality for wine in a can – the perfect drink when you are travelling.



Take a look at Three Choirs Vineyard’s website: –

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3 Choirs Dry White Fizz in a Can (Episode 190 – Part 1)

We begin this episode tasting a fizz!


Very light in colour, plenty of bouquet on the nose, and has a great taste of stone fruit, well-balanced acidity with an after taste of apple,

A fantastic wine to take to an event.



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Three Choirs Vineyard Interview (Episode 181 Part 1)

We are delighted to get the opportunity to speak to Martin Fowkes, the Wine Making Director at the Three Choir Vineyard about his vineyard and how it all started.

As well as growing their own vines and producing their own wine, they also make wine from another 50 vineyards on their behalf.

Martin talks about the grapes they use, the challenges they have and the future of the vineyard.

Find out more about Three Choirs Vineyard by following this link: –
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Wines of Great Britain (GB Wine) Episode 179

In this video, we learn all about English and Welsh wines from two experts; –
Julia Trustram Eve, Marketing Director of Wine GB (The British Wine Producers Trade Association)
Martin Fowkes, winemaking Director of Three Choirs Vinyard talk about how English and Welsh Wine is a fast developing industry with the help of passionate growers and some warmer weather.
Also, the change in the consumer’s tastes is also helping with the great British public now preferring lighter wines with slightly more fruit-driven styles.
We discuss the fantastic high-quality sparkling wines now being produced in England and how sparkling is now being produced all over the county.
We discuss the millions of vines being planted in Britain each year with no sign of abatement.


To find out more about GB Wine take a look at their website:-

GB Wine


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