Gin Fun

Cumberland Saucy Gin (Episode 182)

We taste the Cumberland Saucy Gin.

The gin is a full-on gin which bites back with alcohol burn even though on the nose there was no suggestion of how strong it would taste.

However, after a few sips, the effect dies down enabling you to enjoy the taste more.

Although the gin has a very sweet smell that doesn’t come through when tasting.

We both enjoyed the gin more when the tonic was added, which seemed to allow the taste of the orange peel to shine through.


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Yorkshire Dales Distillery (Episode 150)

This episode is about not one, but three fantastic Gins, all of which have shot into John L’s top 10. (It used to be top 5, but it seemed too difficult with the introduction of these three gins to determine the top 5!)

We discuss with Tony how he and his wife, Sarah, got into gin, what drove him to start his fantastic distillery and his goal of creating world-class spirit and providing employment for veterans, young people and ex-cons.

During the interview, Tony takes me through a tasting experience and then at the end of the interview I hot foot it back to the Cellar for John M to taste and give his opinion!

Let us know what you think of the interview and if you get to try the gin what you think of it.

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Dessert Ram London Dry Gin

Purple Ram London Dry GinWild Ram London Dry Gin








King Billy Gin (Episode 148)

In this episode, we taste some gin distilled in Hull, East Yorkshire.

Named after the famous English King William III or William of Orange as he was also known.

John M prefered the gin neat whilst John L preferred it with tonic.

We taste it neat, with a light tonic and a ginger ale which is recommended by the distiller.

The ginger ale sweetened the gin considerably, and the ginger really added to the peppery taste and for those with a sweeter tooth this would probably be ideal, however for John L with normal tonic was best and for John M neat west was best!

The point is that this gin is really flexible depending on the tonic you use and you will, with the right choice of tonic, find this gin will be ideal for you!



King Billy Small


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Crafty Fox Gin (Episode146)

In this episode, we taste a gin that has only just been launched! It is distilled in a village that has been made famous as the village where the current Dr Who was brought up!

Produced by a young couple the gin is distilled with a lot of love and passion.

The taste is very unique and delicious, nice peppery taste with citrus overtones.

With the tonic added the sweet taste still came through. This gin makes a top class Gin and Tonic.



Crafty Fox Front 1


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Divine Raspberry Gin Cocktail (Episode 127 Part 7)

In the last part of this video, we taste a cocktail prepared by Ray, the distiller at Divine Gin, based on his Divine Raspberry Gin.

Crush a couple of Raspberries into a glass
50ml of Divine Raspberry Gin
Squeeze the juice of two lemons into the glass
Add a sprig of mint
Add some lemonade

So simple and such a great cocktail!

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Divine Rasberry Gin & Tonic (Episode 127 Part 6)

In part 6 of this episode, we taste Divine Gin’s Raspberry Gin.

Ray explains how they go about producing this product which is designed for mixing with tonic rather than just drinking neat.

So, given that we didn’t really enjoy the gin neat in the previous part of this video, we really enjoyed this gin with tonic water.

This is certainly a drink for summer or warmer climates – what could be better on a nice balmy warm day?

Well if you fancy a Raspberry Gin and Tonic with a mint garnish maybe you will think it is even better?

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Divine Raspberry Gin – Neat (Episode 127 Part 5)

In this part of the episode, we taste Divine Gin’s Raspberry Gin.

Ray, the distiller explains why they developed this gin and how they developed it.

Ray strongly recommends that his Raspberry gin is not tasted neat, but we try it anyway!

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Divine Gin and Tonic with Lemon Garnish (Episode 127 Part 4)

In this part of the episode, we taste a Devine Gin and Tonic with a slice of lemon which Ray, the distiller, believes detracts from the taste.

What will the two Johns think? Take a look………..

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Divine Gin & Tonic with Garnish (Episode 127 Part 3)

In part 3 of this episode, we taste a Divine Gin & Tonic with the added pink grapefruit garnish.

We have kept the measures and tonics the same as in the last part of this episode and are just trying to find out how much the taste has changed and whether it has changed the taste for the better.

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Divine Gin with Tonic (Episode 127 Part 2)

In this second part of this episode, we taste Divine Gin in a more traditional manner – with tonic.

John explores what tonic one should use with Divine Gin.

The tonic certainly added another dimension.

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