Dry Gin

NUM8ER 8 Gin by Eorl Crabtree (Episode 167)

We are lucky enough to be at the beginning of this new Gin’s journey.

Eorl Crabtree in partnership with the Divine House of Gin has developed a new Gin which literally is just coming on to the market.

Some of you will know Eorl from his playing days in International Rugby and Rugby League.

We discuss what made him try his hand at introducing a new gin to the market as well as discussing and, perhaps, more importantly, checking out the tasting profile of the gin itself.

For more details of the gin and links to buy the gin go to https://www.divinegin.com/product-page/num8er-eorl-crabtree-gin

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Harewood Greystones Gin (Episode 165 Part 2)

We review the Gin produced for Harewood House using botanicals grown in the walled garden of this Stately Home.

The Gin is produced by the Harewood House Drink and Food Project.

this Gin is a no-nonsense Gin full of flavour and will be loved by everyone who enjoys the dry gin style.

With tonic, the gin still shines through!

This is fantastic classic Gin for those of you that love that clear refreshing distinctive taste of an English Gin!


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Yorkshire Dales Distillery (Episode 150)

This episode is about not one, but three fantastic Gins, all of which have shot into John L’s top 10. (It used to be top 5, but it seemed too difficult with the introduction of these three gins to determine the top 5!)

We discuss with Tony how he and his wife, Sarah, got into gin, what drove him to start his fantastic distillery and his goal of creating world-class spirit and providing employment for veterans, young people and ex-cons.

During the interview, Tony takes me through a tasting experience and then at the end of the interview I hot foot it back to the Cellar for John M to taste and give his opinion!

Let us know what you think of the interview and if you get to try the gin what you think of it.

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Dessert Ram London Dry Gin

Purple Ram London Dry GinWild Ram London Dry Gin








The Edge Gin (Episode 139)

In this episode, of Gin Fun at Winemastery, we taste another Gin, this time The Edge Gin.

On the nose the smell makes you think the alcohol is going to burn as you swallow it. However, it doesn’t, on the first sip it delivers a strong liquorice taste, but the taste develops into a complex taste.

The addition of tonic definitely lifts this gins game and will be loved by many people. The taste of tangerine comes through very strongly and reminds John M of Christmas given he associates the taste of tangerines with Christmas as a child.



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Mallinsons Citra Gin (Episode 118 Part 2)

In this part of the episode, we talk to Tara from Mallinsons Brewing Company and Jacqueline from Jacqson Gin in the midst of Mallinsons Brewery about how they got to together to create a fantastic new Gin!
Apart from Junipier the next botanical is a single hoop called Citra which is imported from the USA.

We discuss what process the ladies went through to get their new creation.

Well, well worth trying to get hold of a bottle to try!

To find out more you can take a look at Mallinson’s website https://www.drinkmallinsons.co.uk or e-mail them at info@drinkmallinsons.co.uk

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