Sparkling Wine

Pol Roger Champagne (Episode 122 Part 5)

Finally, in part 5 of this episode, we taste the most expensive of our five Champagnes.

This champagne proved to be more complex than the previous four champagnes we tasted in this episode.

It only just nudged into its pole position ahead of Ambriel, so depending on whether you were sitting down totally concentrating on what you were drinking or whether you were enjoying a social occasion may well determine which champagne you would choose.

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Vollereaux Champagne (Episode 122 Part 4)

This Champagne at twice the cost of the Lois Delaunay Champagne we tasted in part two of this episode was not, in our view, as good.

We do emphasise however that this is a totally subjective view and you may very well love it!

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Ambriel Cuvee (Episode 122 Part 3)

We taste a wonderful sparkling wine from England that we previously tasted in Episode 33 back in 2015!

Here is our 2015 Episode:-

So how will it stand up against it’s “Champagne qualified” competitors we have previously tasted in this episode – very well in fact – for both of us this was better than the previous two.

To find out more about this wine take a look at Ambriel’s website

The cost per bottle is now £26.50, which makes it very competitive indeed when one considers the quality of this UK product.

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Louis Delaunay Champagne (Episode 122 Part 2)

In the second part of this episode, we taste a glass of budget champagne and compare it the champagne we tasted in part one, one of the biggest names in Champagne, Moet Chandon.

This Champagne can be purchased at Tesco for £14.00, so it is actually half the price of the Moet Chandon we tasted in part 1 which makes it a “no-brainer” in terms of which one to chose!

As promised in the video here is a link to the first time we tried the Ambriel Cuvee which we are about to taste in the next part of this episode.

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Moet Chandon Champagne (Episode 122 Part 1)

In this episode we taste, bearing in mind that Christmas is just around the corner when publishing this video, the wine most used to celebrate something special – Champagne!
In this first part, we taste one of the best-known Champagne brands -Moet and Chandon.
This champagne is at the lower end of the price range for Champagnes, which is still, of course, quite expensive compared to “Normal” wines.
So is the price worth it, we taste to decide!

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Tasting Prosecco Wine from Tescos (Episode 72 Part 2)

In the second part of this episode, we taste a Prosecco from the high street retailer Tesco.

This one proves to have a different “nose” but what was the taste like and how did it compare with Adi’s?

It’s a little more expensive but is it worth the extra cash?















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Tasting Prosecco from Aldi (Episode 72 Part 1)

In the first part of this episode, we taste a Prosecco from Aldi.

Do we think this wine is worth it’s price tag – take a look and see….


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Tasting Prosecco Wine (Episode 72 Introduction)

In this Episode, we taste three Proseccos available from the food supermarket chains – Tesco, Marks and Spencer and Aldi.

This ever popular wine is suitable for all sorts of occasions and we let you know which ones are the best value…



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Wine Tasting of Ambriel English Sparkling Rose Wine – Episode 33 Part 3

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better after tasting a fantastic “Classic” Sparkling wine Wendy popped open Ambriel’s fantastic Sparkling Rose to taste. What a little cheeky madam it was too! The Rose not Wendy! 🙂