Tasting a Feteasca recommended by viewers (Episode 90 Part 3)

We continue this episode of tasting wines recommended by viewers, in this part, we taste a Feteasca wine recommended by Mark and Judy from the West Country.
Having viewed part 4 of our Episode 44 ( and not having been able to buy this particular Feteasca locally they spotted this Feteasca in an Asda. They, therefore, suggested we gave it a try and here is the result…


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Tasting Viewers Recommendations (Episode 90 Introduction)

We introduce this episode where we taste some wines suggested by our viewers.

The wines tasted are Malbec, Merlot and Fetească neagră.

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Cabernet Sauvignon Comparisions

In this Episode, we taste Sauvignon Cabernets from California, Chile and Romania.

The purpose of the tasting is to potentially replace one of the Cabernets Czerwiks currently stock.

Will the new contender be good enough to knock one of John’s existing Cabernets off of the shelf?

Take a look and find out!

#46 Introduction
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Tasting a wine made from the Black Feteasca Grape

In this episode, we taste another wine from the company that supplies the Romanian Royal Family.

This wine is from a single grape, the Black Feteasca, and what a fantastic wine it turned out to be.

The company refer to this grape as their Princess grape and full of beauty and grace it is!

It is not surprising to find out therefore that this grape si one of the oldest grape varieties to be found in Romania.

#44 Part 4a

#44 Part 4b