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BeefSteak Club Shiraz (Episode143)

In this episode, we taste a wine John L thought he had enjoyed at a restaurant a few weeks before recording this episode. John L wanted to see how much different the wine tasted outside the context of a convivial Sunday Lunch with Friends in the cold light of the day (or perhaps cold light of the cellar would be more appropriate)

Little did he know at the time of recording that the wine was bound to taste different as the wine he had tasted at the restaurant was a Malbec and the wine he and John were tasting in the cellar was a Shiraz?

Can you spot the confused look on his face as he begins to taste it?

On the nose, the small was one of a herbaceous smell rather than a fruity taste.

The taste too, had little fruit flavour, with the taste being once again more herbal.

A really nice taste, very easy to drink which at 14.5% alcohol content could be slightly dangerous!

John M could detect mint and whilst other flavours were present we were unable to identify them.





Beef Steak Club Shiraz


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Wolf Blass Yellow Label Malbec (Episode 142)


This Malbec is produced in Australia, only a very small amount of Malbec is produced in Australia, compared to Argentina where 62% of their wine production is Malbec.
First impressions are very good, in fact tasting better then some of the Argentine Malbecs we have reviewed recently. Tasting like a Malbec should do and for the price of £7.00 excellent value.

Well worth a try at the price (available from Morrisons at £7.00)!




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M & S Christmas Gin (Episode 141)

In this episode, we taste another gin, this time from Marks and Spencers.
The gin is a seasonal gin as it’s name – Christmas Dry Gin – suggests.
Having a sniff of the gin neat, the gin smells of cinnamon to John M, although John L couldn’t get the cinnamon.
In the mouth, the alcohol seemed to mask any of the finer points of the gin’s taste.
With the tonic added the taste of the gin seemed a lot sweeter, fruitier, softer and the burn had disappeared, The tonic has allowed the citrus flavours to develop.


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Chianti Sangiovese (Episode 140 Part 2)

In this 2nd part of our Sangiovese, we taste two more Sangiovese wines but this time Chiantis, that red wine made so famous by Dr Hannibal Lecter played by Anthony Hopkins in the film Silence of the Lambs.

The first Chianti we try comes across very light when “sniffed” but had a great taste of cherry, but the taste had very little length. a great table wine to enjoy with food or as a quaffing wine.

The second Chianti had a little splash of Cabernet Sauvignon as well which John hoped will add a little bit more fruit. On the nose, the 2nd wine had obvious notes of leather and oak. The taste was, John felt, one dimensional. John L prefered this wine to the first although accepted the length was a little lacking.


First Chianti

2nd Chianti

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Torretta de Mondelli Sangiovese (Episode 140)

In this episode, we taste a Sangiovese produced in Puglia Italy. The area sometimes described as the heel of Italy.

This wine is a great quaffing wine to enjoy with some pasta and or drinking with friends, especially at the fantastic advertised price on Sainsbury’s website of £3.95



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The Edge Gin (Episode 139)

In this episode, of Gin Fun at Winemastery, we taste another Gin, this time The Edge Gin.

On the nose the smell makes you think the alcohol is going to burn as you swallow it. However, it doesn’t, on the first sip it delivers a strong liquorice taste, but the taste develops into a complex taste.

The addition of tonic definitely lifts this gins game and will be loved by many people. The taste of tangerine comes through very strongly and reminds John M of Christmas given he associates the taste of tangerines with Christmas as a child.



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Yellow Tail Jammy Red Roo Wine (Episode 138) 2

In this episode, we taste a wine we hope will help us identify the “Jammy” taste people talk about when tasting some wine.

The episode follows on from the episode where we try to explain what some people might call “Snobby wine Terms”.

So we selected this particular wine, Yellow Tail Jammy Red Roo because it actually has Jammy on the label.

The blend is made up of around 80% Shiraz, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% of other red varietals.

The wine smells sweet and of strawberries. John M could also detect vanilla on the nose.

The wine has hardly any tannins which give it that jammy taste.

Summarising the wine John M says it has that sticky sweetness, it’s soft, fruity, easy, incorporating a lot of things that many people want from a wine.

John also felt that this wine would be a great introduction to Red Wine for someone who drinks White wine and would like to get into Red.



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Bottega Bacur Gin Review (Episode 137)

An Italian London Dry Gin, it smelt a little like Grappa to John L, which John M thought was due to the alcohol coming through, Otherwise not much could be gained from the nose.
Drank neat the taste was quite a way from a “typical” London Dry Gin. Neat it was one of those tastes that would polarise people into either liking it or not!
With the tonic added the nose was certainly improved and so was the taste, There is a sweet sherbert flavour to the gin which the tonic brought out.
It has a great taste but will not be to every typical gin drinkers taste.



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Asda’s Luis Felipe Edwards Chilean Malbec (Episode 136 Part 3)

In the last part of this episode, we taste our third Malbec from Chile.

This bottle was purchased from Asda for £7.45, a little more than the previous two.
The colour is more garnet than purple and is much darker than the previous two.
The nose again is predominately cherry and has a similar smell to what one would expect from a Pinot Noir.
A much fuller and better-balanced wine than the previous Malbec with some serious power.



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