Monthly archives: February 2019

Divine Gin & Tonic with Garnish (Episode 127 Part 3)

In part 3 of this episode, we taste a Divine Gin & Tonic with the added pink grapefruit garnish.

We have kept the measures and tonics the same as in the last part of this episode and are just trying to find out how much the taste has changed and whether it has changed the taste for the better.

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Divine Gin with Tonic (Episode 127 Part 2)

In this second part of this episode, we taste Divine Gin in a more traditional manner – with tonic.

John explores what tonic one should use with Divine Gin.

The tonic certainly added another dimension.

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Tasting Divine Gin Neat (Episode 127 Part 1)

We begin tasting in this episode with a neat Divine Gin. This Gin is in both Johns top 3 gins and so they are more than eager to get on with the tastings.

They are joined by Ray Woolhead, Divine’s distiller, who guides them through the tasting process as well as explaining their passion and ethos in producing their gin and it is Divine!

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Introduction to Divine Gin Episode (Episode 127)

We are really excited to share this episode with you as we revisit Divine Gine albeit in their new premises.

This first part we talk a little about divine’s journey since we last visited them.

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Barnardo’s Winery Zinfandel (Episode 126 Part 3)

In the last part of this episode which is based on my visit to Barnardos Winery in San Diego and the wines, I tasted there.

In this part of the episode, we taste a bottle of Zinfandel that Rocco Francica so very kindly purchased as a gift for me to bring back to good old Blighty so John and I could taste together – our sincere thanks, Rocco.

This wine certainly did not disappoint a great powerful nose that did not disappoint when we tasted it.

A very complex wine with unusual characteristics for a Zinfandel but not in a bad way.

If you ever get the chance pop into the Winery it is well worth the visit.

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Barnardo Winery (Episode 126 Part 2)

In the 2nd part of this episode, where we taste some wines while we are on holiday, so made on the hoof, so please excuse some of the visual and sound quality!

While we were there we tasted their great Zinfandel and a fantastic glass of their 50-year-old port generously paid for by Rocco who we met whilst visiting the winery. Rocco and Marco taste the port with us and Linda, the Winery’s Lead Wine Steward gives us the history of this port.

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Tasting Wines from Barnardo Winery in California (Episode 126 Part 1)

In this episode we taste some wine produced at the Barnardo Winery just north of San Diego.

The video is made on the hoof, so to speak, so please excuse some of the sound and visual quality, but thought it was still worth publishing, especially with Rocco and Marco’s contribution.

Whilst on holiday in Californa my daughter and I were lucky to enough to get the opportunity to try some wines at this lovely little vineyard.

We were also lucky enough to meet Rocco and AMrco while we were there and get their view of some of the wines.

We hope you enjoy this impromptu episode!

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What’s the best Tonic Water with Seedlip Spice Alcohol Free Gin? (Episode 125)

Alex Hogan asked the question, following part 3 of Episode 89, if we did not like the tonic we had used with the Seedlip alcohol-free gin what tonic water we would recommend?

This seemed a very fair question so we decided to find the answer in this episode!

Let us know what you think of our conclusion.

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Malawi Gin (Episode 123)

John and I are joined by the beautiful Aurora to taste a gin she purchased for her parents from Malawi.

The taste was exemplary and well worth being considered a boutique gin of the highest quality.

If you can’t get hold of some, Czerwiks has some stock, just drop us an e-mail and I will get them to contact you.

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