Monthly archives: July 2018

French Granache White Wine (Episode 109 Part 2)

Although the wine we have tasted in part two of this episode is not made from an unusual grape – Grenache – it is unusual to make a white wine rather than a red from this grape.


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Introduction to yet more unusual wines (Episode 109 Introduction)

We introduce some more unusual wines either because of the unusual grapes they are made of, or, the country they are from.


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Tanqueray Gin Part (Episode 108 Part 4)

In the last part of this episode, we taste another fantastic world-class gin – Tanqueray Gin Export Strength!

The alcohol in this gin is much more prevalent when tasting neat than the previous three gins.

With tonic, however, the alcohol burn disappears and more flavours can then be sensed.

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Plymouth Gin (Episode 108 Part 3)

In the third part of this episode, we taste another very established Gin – Plymouth Gin. First sold in the 19th century this gin is steeped in history.

John felt this Gin had more character than the two previous gins.

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Tasting Quetzal Wine from Mexico (Episode 107 Part 3)

In the last trio of wines we try in this episode we taste a wine made from a grape we are very familiar with but not from a country we associate wine production with.

The tannins are pretty big with this wine, but that is likely, of course, to match well with spicy Mexican food.


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Cooper King Gin Review (Episode 112)

Following on from our visit to Abbie and Chris’s new distillery last year whilst the distillery was still in construction – take a look by following this link:- – we had the great honour of being present at the official launch of the Copper King Distillery.

John & I taste their gin which has only become available this month.

The Gin lands itself easily in John and my top 3 Gins – not an easy list to get onto let alone get so high!

We also managed to get the opportunity, at the launch event, to get some of the other attendee’s views of this fantastic new gin.


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Tasting Cococcioia Wine (Episode 107 Part 2)

In the second part of this episode, we taste an Italian white wine – Cocccioia.

A great subtle nose and great rounded/balanced taste.

A fantastic choice for an everyday wine given it’s bargain price of £4.99 from Aldi.

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