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Furmint Hungarian Wine (Episode 107 Part 1)

In the first part of this episode, we taste a Hungarian white wine – Furmint.

This is grown in the Tokaji region of Hungary which also produces top class dessert wines.

The nose reminded John of Sauvignon Blanc.

A very refreshing white and very well balanced.

The taste reminded John of juicy fresh apples.

John felt if you liked Sauvignon or unoaked chardonnay you would also like this wine – give it a try.


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Italian Nero di Troia Wine (Episode 106 Part 3)

In the last part of this episode, we taste a wine from Italy a Nero di Troia.

With a great violet nose, the wine smells delicious.

In terms of taste, it was also delicious and very well balanced – give it a try!

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Pisano Tannat Wine from Uruguay #106 Part 2

In this part of the episode, we taste an unusual wine this time from Uruguay.

The grape (Tannat) originates from South West France so let’s see how it fairs when grown in Uruguay.

On the nose, rhubarb, together with strawberries and cream were detected.

On the palate, it was much more balanced than the Brazilian Teroldego we tried in part 1.

John felt this was a crossover in taste between a Rioja and a Cabernet Sauvignon.


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Teroldego Wine from Brazil (Episode 106 Part 1)

In part one of this episode, we taste a wine from Brazil that is made from a grape originating in Italy, the Teroldego grape.

The wine was full on blackcurrant on the nose but on the palate full-on black cherry.

A great wine that probably would taste at it’s best when drunk with food.

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Nordes Gin (Episode 105 Part 3)

In the last part of this episode, we taste John’s favourite Gin which is produced in Spain.

It is Nordes, named after the wind blowing in from the Atlantic.

The nose from the Gin is one of Bubble Gum and banana sweets!

What a great tasting Gin although it is not what John L would refer to a “normal” tasting Gin and could easily confused as another spirit rather than Gin.


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Copper Head Gin Review (Episode 105 Part 2)

In part 2 of this Episode, we taste Copper Head Gin distilled in Lauwe, Belgium

This Gin was very different from the Jawbox Gin we tasted in Part one. Cardamom certainly was prevalent on the nose and also it was the overriding taste when drinking the gin neat.

When tasted with Tonic Water added the cardamom was still present, be it slightly softened by the tonic.

In John’s view, this was a gin that had nailed it and he would be happy to recommend it!


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Tasting Jawbox Gin (Episode 105 Part 1)

In the first part of this episode, we taste Jawbox Gin distilled in Belfast, Northern Ireland. So apologies for stating it was not from the UK – I had understood when making the video it was distilled in the Republic of Ireland, not from Northern Ireland! That will teach me to check the labels more carefully before reviewing!

Jawbox gets its name from the big old boxy Belfast Sinks around which most of the day’s gossip would be discussed!

John believed he could taste mint in this Gin when tasted neat, but thought the taste was more floral once the tonic water was added. However, he could still get a hint of that mint!

A great gin why not give it a shot!

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Tasting Aldi Muscadet Sur Lie Tasting (Episode 104 Part 3)

In the last part of this episode, we taste a Muscadet from a Aldi UK store.

This example was consistent with the Muscadet we tasted in that the nose had the “pear drop” smell.

John felt this was a great wine but not quite for his personal palate.

Another great value wine from Aldi!

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Muscadet Sur Lie Tasting (Episode 104 Part 2)

In Part 2 of this episode, we taste a Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie.

This particular Muscadet is available from Waitrose in the UK for £8.79 and is produced by Champeloup.

Rather disappointing compared to the Muscadet we tasted in Part 1.

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