Monthly archives: November 2016

Blind Tasting a Californian Red (Episode 64)

In this episode, John blind tastes a blended red wine from California, will he be able to taste what grapes are in the wine and what country the wine was made?

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Tasting Moniack Mead Wine (Episode 63)

In this Episode, we taste Mead.

Is it a wine is it a wine, beer or liquor? – let us know your thoughts.

This is one of the oldest acholic drinks known to man so what did it taste like?

The nose (or the smell if you prefer) immediately gives away it’s heritage with the sweet smell of honey.

The taste was absolutely delicious and camouflaged it’s rather high acholic content.

This is a wine that has been overlooked for far too long and would make an excellent drink on it’s own, with a blue cheese or as a dessert wine. What’s more, it also has an attractive price.

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Tasting a Family wine form Corfu (Episode 62)

In this Episode, we taste a homemade wine produced in Kavos, Corfu – Greece.

One of John’s colleagues had just been on holiday and dined regularly at the Roussos Restuarant in Kavas where the owner, George, kindly provided him with a bottle for the two John’s to taste.

The wine’s nose or smell was very delicate, but the taste had much more going on. One could immediately tell that this was a wine to enjoy on a hot summers day in Corfu, it was refreshing and left you wanting more!

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This wine is only available from Georges Restuarant in Kavos Corfu