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Riesling Wine Tasting – Sebastian A. 2014 Riesling Episode 49 Part 3

We have the pleasure of tasting yet another German Riesling this time from the Mosel region.

This particular wine is supposedly slightly sweeter than the two we tasted in Part 1 & 2, or as John puts it, “Halbtrocken” (half dry)!
This wine was produced by a family that can trace it’s wine making roots back to 1156!
So how did it compare to the two Rieslings we tasted in Part 1 & 2?

Take a look and find out……

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#49 Pt 3#49 Part 3

Tasting a Paulineshof Riesling Wine – Episode 49 Part 2

So how will this Reisling differ from the Riesling we tasted in part 1 or does it differ and if so how – all is revealed in this video

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#49 Part 2

Tasting a Rheingau Riesling Trocken – Episode 49 Part 1

In the first part of episode 49 we try a Reisling which proves to be very light and refreshing and in no way represents the cloy variety that perhaps gave it a bad name a few decades ago.

Do I think it is worth the price tag compared to other wines we have tasted – take a look to find out..
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#49 Pt 1


Wine Tasting German Riesling Introduction

We are back following a short enforced break due to John’s poorly throat.

We kick off our return by tasting three German Rieslings.

Rieslings are coming back into mainstream fashion and we review three varied examples from Germany.

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#49 Intro

Wine Tasting – Flying Solo (Episode #48)

John is not very well and is unable to join me for this Episode, so I have the horrifying prospect of trying to share my wine tasting experience with you, without his expert guidance.

Well this is a test of how much of John’s knowledge I have managed to remember!

How did I do?

You are probably a better judge than me – let us know your thoughts…

By the way I just love the way the vineyard has added such information on the front of the bottle such as the number of bottles produced and the percentage of each grape! ( Take a look at the photograph below)

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#48 Front Label

New Zealand Sauvignon Tasting from (Episode 47 Part 3)

In Part three of this Episode, we taste a very special Sauvignon which has been barrel fermented rather than fermented in a stainless steel vat which is the normal method.

So will this make a difference to the taste?

John smells something that he can’t normally smell in a Sauvignon which many others¬†can – can you guess what it is?

So what was John’s verdict?

Take a look to find out…

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#47 Part 3#47 Part 3a

New Zealand Sauvignon Tasting from Mission Estate Winery (172 – Episode 47 Part 2)

Our next Sauvignon from New Zealand is from the Mission Estate Winery.

Made from selected grapes, this Sauvignon proves to be very different to the Sauvignon tasted in Part 1, but not in a bad way!

John and I were both very impressed!

This vineyard is, I understand, one of the oldest vineyards in New Zealand having been established by Missionaries in 1838 to produce both Sacramental and Table Wine. It sold it’s first commercial wine in 1870.

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#47 Part 2 #47 Part 2a


New Zealand Sauvignon – Coopers Creek (171. Episode 47 Part 1)

In the first part of this Episode, we taste a wonderful example of a New Zealand Sauvignon from Coopers Creek. We haven’t edited the very beginning of the video as we would normally do so you can see how we warm up before we begin the video proper:-) Hope it makes you smile too! And finally at the end who can keep the stare up longest?