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Tasting a wine made from 5 Noble grapes!

In this part of the episode, we take a look at a wine from Romania that is a blend of 5 “Noble” grapes.

Wow were we impressed!

This wine was delicious – you could almost chew it.

The notes translated by Google on the back of the label read:-

Cabernet Sauvignon is King, with it’s imposing presence, driving bold tannins and a spicy note.

Pinot Noir is the Queen, with it’s beautiful bouquet of berries and soft tannins, velvety.

Merlot Prince elderly is well-defined structure and long finish and pleasant.

Shiraz is young with lively aroma of blackcurrants and pepper.

The Black Feteasca Princess, charismatic, elegant and delicate.

This blend was aged in Romanian and French oak barrels  to become a truly noble and harmonious wine.

#44 Part 3 #44 Part 3a

Tasting a Fairhills Cape Origin Shiraz Malbec (Episode 44 Part 2)

And so onto part 2 of this Episode where we get to taste another viewer’s wine, this time from the very kind and considerate – Lisa Farr.

In the way of a complete contrast, Lisa sent us a Shiraz Malbec blend from South Africa to try.

This wine was much lighter than the Quinta Do Carmo and a complete contrast and reminded John of Strawberry Ice Cream!




As promised during the episode I have searched out where you can get this wine from – Tescos – so there should be a store near you! 🙂

Fairhills 2014 Cape Original Shiraz Malbec

Fairhills 2014 Cape Original Shiraz Malbec


Back Label of Fairhills Cape Original 2014 Shiraz Malbec

Back Label of Fairhills Cape Original 2014 Shiraz Malbec

Quita Do Carmo from Portugal’s Alentejano Region

What a fantastic start to this Episode!

A great Red from Portugal’s Alentejano region. this wine was sent across by Joao, Miguel and Andre after John and reviewed some other wines from Alentejano (Episode 38).

What a great way to start the episode and the year – a wine with a real punch – in flavour and, at 14.5%, in alcohol content!


2012 Red Wine

Quinta Do Carmo Front Label

#44 Part 1a



I promised in the video to let you know where you could get hold of it in the UK should you wish to try it and I tracked down a company who sell online called Prestige Wines. You can find the page they sell this wine on by following this link ( We have no affiliation to this company so unfortunately cannot vouch for their service levels etc. – Let us know how you get on if you do buy some – be interested in your feedback.)

Tasting Viewers Wines from Portugal & South Africa together with some excellent Romanian samples

In this Episode, the first we have recorded in 2016,  we taste two wines sent in from viewers and two wines from Romania and what a great selection of wines they were too!




Tasting a Shiraz from Coonawarra (Episode 42 Part 3)

The wine we taste in Part 3 comes from Coonawarra which almost half way between Melbourne and Adelaide in South East Australia.

So will this Shiraz meet John’s expectations?

Find out more about the vineyard from their website:-

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Tasting a Deakin Estate Shiraz (Episode 42 Part 2)

In Part 2 of this Episode, we travel across to Victoria in Australia to taste a Shiraz from the Deakin Estate.

We tasted this wine in Episode 10 when we also tasted Shirazes from New Zealand and South Africa.

Will our opinion be consistent with the one we gave in Episode 10 – take a look to find out:-

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Tasting Black Shiraz from Southern Australia (Episode 42 Part 1)

In part 1 we take a look our first Australian Shiraz the Black Shiraz from South Australia, so what do we think of the Black?

More can be learnt about the vineyard that the black Shiraz comes from by visiting their website.

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This wine is available from:-

Tasting Australian Shiraz Introduction (Episode 42 Introduction)

We introduce this episode on Australia’s wine made from their signature grape – Shiraz – once that is John can get his teeth sorted out!

In Episode 10 we tasted Shiraz from around the world, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, in this Episode we hone in on Australia.

So how do the wines we have tasted stand up from the best region in the world for Shiraz?

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Tamaral Reserva from Ribera del Duero (Episode 41 Part 9)

So for our final wine tasting from the region of Ribera Del Duero we try a Tamaral Reserva from the year 2010 and as you would expect the best was left to last.

Agustin explains that this wine has yet to meet it’s full potential and will continue to improve over the next 10 years.

Given it tastes so good already John & I both agree we are not sure we can wait!


Take a look at the region’s website:-
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