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Tasting Dominio De Atauta from Ribera del Duero (Episode41 Part 8)

In our penultimate tasting, we taste a Dominio De Atauta and what a blockbuster it was.

The tastes literally change in your mouth as you hold the wine there.

This wine is a “wow”!

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Tasting Cillar De Silos from the Ribera del Duero Region (Episode 41 part 7)

We move to the 2nd red of our tasting session from the Ribera del Duero region, this wine, Cillar De Silos, has had 12 months in the oak and at least 2 years in the winery.

The vines from which this wine is made are grown a little lower in altitude than the Biberius which is one of many influences which contributes to it’s different character.


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Tasting Biberius Red Wine from Ribera del Duero (Episode 41 Part 6)

The first of the reds, Biberius, from the Ribera Del Duero Wine Region, which would typically be drunk with Tapas.

This wine is ready to drink within 30 minutes of opening the bottle – if you can wait that long.

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Cuatro Rayas Vinedos Centenarios (Tasting Episode 41 Part 5)

This is the last of our tasting of the white wines from Rueda Region before we move onto the reds from Ribera del Duero. Cuatro Rayas Vinedos Centenarios is made from vines, some of which, that are over 100years old.

The age of the wines clearly adds to the intensity and complexity of the taste.

This wine is a real class act!

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Tasting Shaya White Wine from the Rueda Wine Region (Episode 41 Part 4)

This wine is made from grapes from vines which are over 70 years old which gives the wine more complexity in it’s taste.

It has also been partially fermented in oak.

A little more floral taste than the previous two excellent samples we tried in Part 2 and 3.

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Also take a look at Rueda Wine Region’s website:-

Tasting Finca Montepedroso White Wine (Episode 41 Part 3)

In the 2nd tasting, we taste Finca Montepedroso which is also 100% made from the Verdejo grape, but on this occasion the wine has been in contact with the vine lees for 5 months.

This wine as has a nice long finish, put another way the taste last for a long while.

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Mario Munoz guides us through the tasting of a fantastic white wine from his region.This wine is made from 100% Verdejo grapes.

The quality and freshness of the wine makes it exceptional value as we discover.

Ideal as an Aperitif or with Tapas.

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Introducing our experts from The Rueda & Ribera Del Duero Wine Regions (Episode #41)

In this Episode, we are fortunate to be able to learn from Mario Munoz an expert on the Rueda Wine region and Augustin Alonso the Technical Director of the Ribera Del Duero wine region both of which are just north-west of Madrid, Spain.

In this episode, Mario & Augustin explain why they chose the world of wine for their career paths.

For more details of the region, you can visit their websites at:-

Wine for Christmas Day afternoon – Senior Tawny Port (Episode 40 Part 3)

With Christmas Day Lunch out of the way, what better way to relax can there be, than sitting in front of a log fire (or imagining sitting in front of a log fire) while tasting some great afternoon Senior Tawny Port from the Niepoort winery?

John & taste the perfect choice for just such an occasion.