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Tasting Sweet French White Wine made from Petit Manseng (Episode 39 Part 3)

In the last part of this Episode we taste a Sweet White Wine called Jurancon, made from the Petit Manseng grape. How does this wine compare with the muscadet tasted in Part 1 & 2 from France & Chile respectively?

#39 Part 3

Tasting Sweet White Wine from Chile (Episode 39 Part 2)

In the 2nd part of this Episode, we compare a Chilean Muscadet Sweet White wine with the excellent French Muscadet Sweet Wine tasted in Part 1. It is going to have to go some to match the wine in Part 2 – how does it compare…  

Tasting a Sweet White Muscadet Wine from France (Episode 39 Part 1)

We taste a fantastic sweet little number in Part 1 of this Episode – a Muscadet from France, very reasonably priced and a wonderful flavour. This is the one John L preferred out all three we tasted, what did john M think? Take a look to find out. Oh and btw all of these wines are available from

#39 Part 1

Sweet White Wine Tasting (Episode 39 Introduction)

Learn all about wine & have fun doing it! In this Episode, we taste three sweet white wines, two from France and one from Chile. What flavours do you expect from a sweet wine and what about that “Cloyingness” you can sometimes get? These three wines are surprisingly different especially when you consider that two are made from the same grape.

#39 Introduction

Tasting a Autumn Beer Special – Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome Ale ( Episode 37)

Just for a change of pace, or a change to excite the taste buds, we try something completely different, a beer that only becomes available in the Autumn season – Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome. This is John’s favourite beer, as I think you will be able to tell from watching the video, I think the message from John is – buy while you can! 🙂