Daily archives: 23/09/2015

91. Tasting Nuits-Saint-George – Burgundy – Episode 24 – Part 2

In part 2 we move to another region in Burgundy, the Cote de Nuits, from which we taste a wine that is internationally renowned – the Nuits-Saint-George. This is by far the most expensive wine we have tasted to date – will it live up to it’s price tag.

90. Tasting Meursault – Episode #24 Part 1

We taste an absolutely fabulous Meursault, or to you and me a Chardonnay from the region of Meursault of the larger Burgundy Region. Although the most expensive white wine, just; just a tad more expensive than the Chablis we tasted, this wine really, really impressed both John’s. It has to be said that it’s price is also pretty impressive, unfortunately!


89. Burgundy – Meausault & Nuits-Saint-Gearge – Wine Tasting Introduction – Episode #24

This is a very special Episode where we taste some great wines from the wine regions of Cote de Beaune and Cote de Nuits, which are both part of the greater wine region of Burgundy. So will the most expensive wines we have tasted so far prove to be worth the extra pennies, sorry Euros!